No. 374, October 2014

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Take Classical Guitar on the go with this downloadable PDF. Here's the Table of Contents for the October 2014 issue:

Berta RojasInterviewed by Guy Traviss
Fiuggi Guitar Festival VIIIby Guy Traviss
Rincon Flamenco No.73: Flamenco re-releasesby Paul Magnussen
Interpretation and what it's all aboutby Carlos Bonell
Olga Praguer Coelho, The Unpublished Interview (Part 1)by Marcelo Kayath
The OPC Project, Restoring Olga Praguer Coelhoby Jack Silver
Make your own recording – CG’s top tips on designing your album coverby Guy Traviss
Dr. José Luis Romanillos
Obituary – Cayo Sila Godoy (1919–2014)
Obituary – Peter Sculthorpe (1929–2014)
9th Vrnjci International Guitar Festivalby Paul Fowles

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