En Terre Inconnue

$ 5.99

Tackle this quick solo allegro, written by Jean-Jacques Fimbel, as a study for warming up your fingers. 


Reviewed in the Spring 2018 Issue:

En Terre Inconnue (the title translates as “In the unknown land”) is a brief—just 18 bars—allegro in dropped-D minor consisting mostly of 16th notes. It comes across as somewhat Bach-like in style, as it moves around relentlessly, mostly in two voices, very much in the manner of the Bach Cello Suites or Violin Partitas. Moreover, harmonically it goes through the same territory.

At 84 quarter notes a minute, it could prove to be quite a handful for an intermediate player, as there is little let-up from the 16th notes, except for four momentary ritardandi along the way. So this pleasant piece might be very useful as a study to exercise or warm up to, but at less than a minute long, it is hardly a recital work, even if perhaps combined with some more of this composer’s other works.  —Chris Dumigan

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