Mariposa Nocturna

$ 15.99

Mariposa Nocturna is a sensibly fingered composition by Jean-Jacques Fimbel, best suited for higher-grade players, that comes with full score and separate parts for each player. 


Reviewed in the Spring 2018 Issue:

Mariposa Nocturna (“Nocturnal Butterfly”) is in D minor, in one continuous piece, and is an accessible contemporary composition. It begins in simple style with a delicate and restful single-note passage soon imitated by the second guitar, and from there on the two voices proceed, with the music building up in intensity by the use of heavy block chords underscoring the melody line. This melody is then reinforced by octaves, and an exciting rhythmic effect is created as triplets are played against straight quarter notes. Around the midway point there is a hint of the original tune played in chords a fourth higher, while a trickling effect (butterfly wings?) provides the backing. A slightly eerie episode then appears out of the blue, which in turn eventually leads back to the opening sequence. —Steve Marsh

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