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Dogal Diamante Classical Guitar Strings Strong Tension
MSRP $17.49
The innovative Diamante treble strings feature carbon fiber in addition to the traditional nylon, and the basses add kevlar and carbon fiber to the traditional nylon in the multi-strand core. This results in a string that provides power more typical of carbon with more of the warmth and sustain associated with nylon, as well as the ease of vibrato found in nylon. They are durable, and harmonically rich, with a well-defined foundation and stability of tuning.

Note: Their tension tends to run to the soft side so this “strong” set will be similar to most “normal” tension sets

SOLD OUT - RC Strings DW90 JG Dynamic White Normal Tension
MSRP $17.49
RC String's recently developed new “white” trebles provide a pure sound, faithful to the beauty of the voice of the guitar, in a string that provides extreme tuning stability. This makes them especially advantageous for ensemble settings. They exhibit a powerful sound with projection and clarity, providing the maximum expression and comfort for any interpretation.

SOLD OUT - Dogal Maestrale Classical Guitar Strings Reg Tension
MSRP $32.99
More powerful and long lasting than any other classical guitar string, Maestrale trebles are not carbon or nylon. With unique bass strings, the set sounds profoundly clear and powerful. An elegant and tasteful blue color complements a velvet sensation of touch, and the exclusive material aids accurate fingering while offering extreme durability with a high resistance to nail abrasions. 

Note: Their tension tends to run to the hard side so this “regular” set will be somewhat higher in tension that most “normal” tension sets


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