No. 380, Winter 2015

$ 9.99

Spanish guitarist Pablo Villegas talks about the challenges of playing guitar concertos and about his new album, Americano, devoted entirely to music from the Americas. Special Focus: The Importance of Repertoire. Also: Xuefei Yang Rediscovers Her Roots; Inside the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s impressive Harris Collection of rare guitars; the multi-faceted career of Meng Su; Romero Lubambo, master of many styles; the evolution of the barre chord in classical guitar; Canadian luthier Joshia de Jonge; reviews of Takamine’s H8SS and Ortega’s RCE159MN guitars; new CDs by Berta Rojas, David Tanenbaum, Stein-Erik Olsen, and others; David Russell in performance; new books, including Hoppstock on Bach, The Techniques of Guitar Playing guide, sheet music by Simon Molitor, Stephen Goss, and others; and much more.

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