No. 382, Summer 2016

$ 9.99

On the Cover: Legendary guitarist John Williams just turned 75, but he’s not resting on his laurels; here he talks about his 50-year recording career. Special Focus: Luthiers Past & Present, with stories on “The Art of the Guitar Maker,” double-top luthier Gernot Wagner, Stephan Connor on building guitars in Granada, and Sheldon Urlik and his comprehensive book on Spanish Guitars. Also: John Schneider’s intriguing tuning explorations, Benjamin Verdery on playing and composing outside the box, Virginia Luque’s varied career, flamenco master guitarist Tomatito, tips on improvisation from top guitarists, the art of practice and preparation, and digging deep into a Villa-Lobos etude. Plus, reviews of CDs by Ali Arango, Matthew McAllister, Pepe Romero and Daniel Ho, Ekachi Jearakul, and others; and sheet music from Stephen Goss, Angelo Gilardino, Sebastien Linares, Pat Coldrick, et al. Lots more!

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