No. 383, Fall 2016

$ 9.99

On the cover: Rising British guitarist Laura Snowden brings together classical guitar’s past, present, and future. Special Focus: Teaching & Learning—Manuel Barrueco’s road from “difficult” student to master teacher; how to run a guitar studio; taking up the guitar an adult. Also: Guitar duos Evangelos & Liza and the Katona Twins; Carlos Barbosa-Lima plays compositions by Mason Williams; the guitar music of composer Peter Maxwell Davies; “Letter from Havana”; new “Music to Play” feature; tips on playing Tárrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra. Reviews: custom David Pace guitar; discs—Amadeus Guitar Duo, Kaare Norge, live guitar concertos, Brasil Guitar Duo; print—pieces by Johannes Möller, Angelo Gilardino, Gary Ryan, Benoit Albert; Stage—Yamandu Costa, David Leisner and others celebrate “Three Anniversaries,” flamenco great Vincente Amigo. Lots more!

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