Partita Porteña

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A wonderfully racous and complex collection of dances, written by Carlos Wernicke, Partita Porteña is an intermediate piece for two guitars.

Reviewed in Classical Guitar magazine:

This five-movement partita was written at the request of Maximo Diego Pujol, who, on forming a duo with the composer, suggested he write something for it. The idea behind this suite is that, in theory, it can be compared to a Baroque partita, yet in practice it is a collection of dances from Buenos Aires. Hence it consists of Un Vals Tres (Vals), Milongata (Milonga campera), Bien Tangueada (Tango), Milongon (Milonga rapida), and Final, which forms an epilogue.

Un Vals Tres is a fast and complex waltz, tricky with lots of detail and everything flying around all over the place and lots of chromatic-style harmonies. Milongata is sensual, with lovely interplay and a fast middle section of some difficulty, while Bien Tangueada is delightfully angular in all the right places. Milongon is a faster milonga leading to the Final, which ties the movements together and brings this wonderful piece to a raucous and satisfying close. This piece deserves to be played a lot! —Chris Dumigan

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